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    Notice for Enterprise Application Users: Firefox No Longer Supports Java Plugin
    With the release of Firefox 52 in March 2017, Java plug-in support has been dropped. Enterprise Technical Services supports and recommends Internet Explorer for all Enterprise Applications and does not support Firefox.

    As a courtesy, below is more information about Firefox ESR 52 32-bit that will support Java plug-in for another year.

    For more information about Firefox ESR 52 see:

    For a download of Firefox ESR 52 see:

    Windows 10
    Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) relies on our vendors to certify their applications with new versions of Windows and Internet Explorer. At this time, very few of our vendors support the Windows 10 operating system, but all of them support Internet Explorer 11. None of our applications support the Windows Edge browser. Our current versions of Banner will never support the Windows 10 operating system. Please see our support matrix here.

    Although ETS cannot guarantee our application will not have issues, many Enterprise Applications users have upgraded to Windows 10, using the IE 11 browser, without issue.

    An archive of old news announcements is kept here.

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