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    Current Announcements

    November 26,2018
    During the past several months it has become difficult for Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) to remain in compliance with industry standards associated with upgrades and patches. As a result, ETS is in need of more maintenance periods to properly support Enterprise Applications.

    Because of increasing cyber threats, servers, storage, operating systems, and applications are requiring more patches. Our security policy requires a 30-day turnaround for applying security related patches. In addition, our Application Vendors are releasing smaller, more frequent upgrades to address their functionality and currency issues.

    For these reasons, ETS is adding two additional maintenance windows; Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:00 AM until 8:00 AM. The Change Calendar (located at will be updated and standard notification procedures will be utilized when patches are being applied during these windows.

    September 24, 2018
    FileZilla replaced by WinSCP
    The file transfer tool called FileZilla is replaced on the Gateway software download menu by WinSCP. FileZilla is no longer recommended for file transfers. If you use the File Transfer System (FTS) please read Using WinSCP with FTS

    September 20, 2018
    Some Enterprise Applications require the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA). To use MFA you must register with the SmartAuth application. We have added a link for the SmartAuth application to the bottom of the "Production Systems" menu on the USNH Gateway page. Those who use WISE have already registered with SmartAuth. To find out more about SmartAuth, for example, if you want to add another phone to your profile or find out how to use the SecureAuth app to streamline the entry of your code, click the link below:

    An archive of old news announcements is kept here.

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